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About Us

The Almighty God who is the doer and performer of everything has many names and one of his name is MahaKaal as the God of destroyers regarding the Hymn of Dasham Granth Sahib Ji written by Pita Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj (The 10th Guru Of Sikhs). The 10th Guru Sahibaan  said  to his followers to worship and honor the Arms/Shastars  because it’s  our  Mahakaal  which can destroy  the diabolism and save us from  this demonianism.  If  you want to meditate in this Kalyug  age, it’s essential to have Shastars. The 10th Guru  gave the admired names of Arms/Shastars  as GURU MAHAKAAL, KHARAG-DHUJ and many more holy names.

Mahakaal Arms is a registered firm along with its trade mark of ashatbuja  an online shopping. Mahakaal  Arms deal in an Antique Arms/Shastars and newly made Indo-Persian arms such as swords,quatars,daggars,knives,jamdhar,julphikar,jambia etc. All kind of dumalla(Turban). Clothes and Dumalla Shastars, Sarbloh/Iron, Pots vessels etc. We are specialist in Inlay of Gold, Silver and engraving works.

Slave Nirmal Singh of the Panth Khalsa  is the CEO and founder of Mahakaal  Arms  and putting up in VPO.Mehta, Dist. Amritsar 143114. 

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